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Gia Hung Tailor Shop


From a tradition of weaving silk and cotton cloth, and making clothes for generations, Gia Hưng is a trademark in Hội An with 30 years of experience following other tailor trademarks built by its family.

As for jacket, the item that requires the best skill and methods, Gia Hưng can finish one piece, from selecting the cloth, measuring, cutting, trying and completing a jacket in three hours. Gia Hưng jacket tailors constitute a combination of traditional skills, and modern designs and trends of fashion.

As for other pieces of clothing, Gia Hưng always meets three standards of competition:

1) Tailors specialized in each kind of clothing can ensure high quality and unique tailoring;

2) Shortest time for finishing a piece; and

3) Surprisingly low cost.

That is why you should think of Gia Hưng first among some 400 famous tailors in Hội An.

Gia Hung has served thousands of local and foreign customers from Australia, the USA, France, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Israel and South Korea... Our customers can place order online, measure themselves according to methods supplied by Gia Hưng and always feel satisfied with the piece of clothing made and sent by Gia Hưng.

We have the honor of serving customers from all walks of life, including politicians, diplomats, business leaders, architects, lawyers, artists, students, tourists and models…

We had the honor to serve Pat Farmer, former member of the Australian House of Representatives, who has successfully completed the epic ultra-marathons “Pole to Pole Run” from the North Pole to the South Pole, and the “Pole to Pole Vietnam” from Móng Cái to Năm Căn, Cà Mau province, Vietnam.