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How to order online


 Step 1: Select Design

Choose the style of your shirt/suit. Here you get the chance to decide how you want your suit/shirt will look like. Slim fit or Loose fit? French cuff or classic cuff? You decide.

 Step 2: Style Detail

Personalize your shirt/suit. Choose a contrast collar made in pure silk or a colourful lining to your suit.

 Step 3: Pick a Fabric

Begin by choosing your fabrics. Gia Hung Tailor shop offer more than 1000 different fabrics. All of them are carefully selected from the best weavers around the world.

 Step 4: Measurement

Enter your measurements so your suit/shirt can be sewn specifically for your body. In order to take the measurements we recommend that you get assistance from another person, although it is possible to do it by yourself.

 Step 5: Check out

The last step is the payment. You may select from the following options By VISA or Master card. The processing of your order will start after the order value has been paid. When paying via credit card the order value will be withdrawn directly.